Q. What is Edugram?

A. It is one of the offline and online courses aggregator company that provides high quality,industry relevant certification and international programe for student,young graduates and working professionals.

Q. Who founded the company?

A.Edugram Academy is a company that develops and delivers high quality, industry relevant skill enhancement courses, post graduate certificates and international programs.The company also conducts seminars in colleges across India and offers Franchisee opportunities for Entrepreneurs across India. It has been founded by experienced corporate people having ample experience in the field of sales,marketing and finance.


Q. What is Unique about the courses?

A. These courses are designed and reviewed specially by industry experts providing participants with real life situations. All courses are reputed from and recognised universities .Our certificate courses also include exclusive video cases of leading corporate and business leaders.

Q. What are the courses being offered?

A. There are multiple courses across various industries and functions that are available with Edugram. Some of the domains include Finance, Retail, Telecom, Digital Marketing, Project Management, Programming Languages, Career Enhancement and many more. Edugram also offers Post Graduate Certificate courses in association with leading industry endorsed bodies and available in the streams of Retail Management, Digital Marketing and Wealth Management.

Q. How long the courses are valid?

A. Different courses carry different study durations. Typically, a certificate course carries a study duration of 6 months and will be active for a period of 1 year. This is to ensure that the participants get enough time to learn at their own pace.

Q. How are these courses made?

A. The certificate courses are made by leading academicians and have been reviewed by Industry experts. Most of the courses with Edugram are affiliated to national level industry associations, societies and universities. The courses also have exclusive video cases of leading corporates sharing their industry experiences.

Q. Why should one go for online training?

A. Online learning and training is ideal for self-motivated and goal-driven individuals. These individuals could be working professionals, students pursuing higher education or looking for a functional change or industry change. The interactive study material is very comprehensive and industry endorsed. It is easy to retain as you try to improve your skills. The illustrative graphics lets you imagine and develop your own view point. It is also a more engaging, less time-consuming and faster way to learn and educate oneself. Further, the skills that you will develop will be highly industry relevant. One may also pursue higher education online along with their work.

Q. Do I get classroom training or any other assistance if I go for an online course?

A. Classroom training is not available for the participants of online courses as the idea of creating a platform for online education is to remove the need of going to a classroom for studying discussion.

Q. Do I get any practical trainings as well?

A. The courses have practical inputs from the industry experts and this would help the users understand their chosen field in a much better way and would help them build their expertise in the functional area. Moreover, the video cases available in our certificate courses give enough practical exposure required.

Q. How have the courses been formulated?

A. The courses are made by leading academicians and have been reviewed by Industry experts. Many of the courses also have exclusive video cases of leading corporate sharing their experiences with the participants of these courses.


Q. What qualification do I need to do these courses?

A. If there are any pre-requisites for the courses, it is mentioned on the course page. The courses are designed especially for students pursuing higher education or for working professionals or for those looking to change their profession. So, the major pre-requisite is that you are willing to put in the effort to enhance your skill set. The course will care for the rest!

Q. Can I pursue the courses anytime?

A. Since these are self-paced courses, users have the flexibility to study the program anytime and anywhere.

Q. Can I pursue the program along with my job?

A. Yes, absolutely! online courses which are specially designed for skill enhancement. Participants can take a course, which will help them do better at their current jobs or switch to courses in entirely different field, if they are planning to change their profession.

Q. Can I study during my graduation as well?

A. Yes, Edugram offers a variety of courses that includes short-term skill enhancing courses and post graduate certificates. These can be taken by graduates, post-graduates or working professionals. Since the courses focus on making the participants more employable, anybody from a graduate to a working professional can pursue these courses.

Q. How do I become more employable after doing a course from Edugram?

A. These courses are made by academic experts and reviewed by industry experts. They have given special inputs to enhance the quality of the courses and make them more relevant to the industry requirements. The courses tackle issues, situations and concepts, which are highly relevant in the industry. Therefore, when you pursue one of our courses, you stand assured that you will be learning only industry reviewed and highly relevant employable skills.

Q. Do you give placements guarantee?

A. We are education providers and not a placement agency and therefore we do not give any placement guarantee. We provide you a certificate with employment rating that you can use to showcase your greater interest in the particular area to potential employers. We also have tie ups with leading placement portals. You can click on Careers and apply for jobs by posting your resume on www.Edugram.in/careers    

Q. Where should I contact if I need assistance for some courses?

A. Participants can contact at +91 98280 31248 from Monday to Saturday between 10 am – 6 pm. Participants can also e-mail us at info@edugram.in and we would revert to the queries within two working days. Enrolled users can write their queries or concerns at info@Edugram.in.

Q. Whom should I contact during non-office hours?

A. Please send us an email with your query at info@Edugram.in related to the course.

Q. How to choose from a number of courses available?

A. Edugram.in provides high quality, industry relevant certificate, post graduate certificate and international courses. There are multiple courses across various industries and functions that are available with Edugram. Some of the domains include Finance, Retail, Telecom, Digital Marketing, Project Management, Programming Languages and Career Enhancement. Along with that, there are courses available as well, which help the participants to improve their general employability skills. Hence, the choice can be made if one requires a functional change or an industry change. Also, one can select on the basis of interest or skill enhancement.

Q. How many courses can I enrol for at a time?

A. There is no limit on the number of courses that a participant can enrol in. Participants can enrol for any number of courses at a time.

Q. Can I enrol for a few topics instead of enrolling for the full course?

A. No,you will have to enrol for a complete course for a certification on Edugram.in. However, there are short courses available for the complete course in areas of Digital Marketing and Finance Management. One can get a fair idea about the courses by looking at the Preview.


Q. What are the methods of payment?

A. Participants can pay with cash, cheque, payment gateway and net banking.

Q. How much are the taxes?

A. As per the applicable Tax Rates ( if Applicable) according to the LAW of land

Assessments and Certification

Q. Are the exams conducted on a specific date or is there flexibility in the schedule?

A.Exam are conducted as per the schedule provided by university.

Alliancing,Corporate Relationships and Franchising

Q. I am interested in becoming a Franchise of Edugram.in. What should I do?

A. We are happy to explore such relationships. Please reach out to our Franchising team at Edugram.in or call us at +91-9828031248. You can also fill the Franchise form here or drop is an email on Edugramacademy@gmail.com.

Corporate Training or Bulk Deals

Q. Can I train my office employees through Edugram? How can that be done?

A. Yes, that can be done easily. We provide institutional and corporate training to Corporate Houses. We also be support by Instructor Led training if the corporation so desires.

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